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budget kitchen pack contentsbudget kitchen pack pans
This budget kitchen set is your kitchen's bare necessities. It comes with 3 stainless steel pots, 1 non-stick pan, 7 cooking utensils and a dining set for one person. Read the details below.
Essentials Kitchen Pack 46 items set - stainless steel pots and pansEssentials Kitchen Pack content details with stainless steel pots and pans
      Just the essentials kitchen set to get you cooking. A lightweight list of 46 kitchen utensils with great quality at an affordable price. Includes: 4 Pan Set (Stainless Steel or non stick option); 2 persons dining set; knives & cutting board; 10 cooking utensils; Plus 3 food containers and other cooking extras. Read the details below.
      Premium Kitchen Pack 79 items contentPremium Kitchen Pack content details
      Discover your inner chef with this premium kitchen set. Contains 79 items including the official MasterChef Series Cooking Utensils and Scandinavian inspired pan set. Read the details below.
      student baking pack contentsSpatula and whisk
      Our Baking Starter Kit is curated with student in mind. It has everything you need to make your favorite dessert. The baking set contains various baking trays (muffin tray, spring cake, loaf tin) and utensils (spatula, rolling pin, whisk, etc). It also comes with baking necessities: 4L mixing bowl; 1L Measuring Jug (1 Liter), cookie cutters, 5 pc measuring spoon, icing bags and baking sheets. Read more details below.
      International Kitchen Pack content
      Our international kitchen set is perfect for Asian food aficionados. It comes with a stir-fry wok, bamboo steamer, 4 bowl and chopstick sets, a cleaver, and travel adaptors. Read the details below.
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