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Budget Kitchen Pack


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Looking for an affordable kitchen set that won't break the bank? Look no further than our student budget kitchen pack! This pack includes durable pots and pans that are perfect for cooking up a storm in your student digs, as well as a complete set of kitchen utensils and crockery. Our affordable pots and pans are made to last, with high-quality materials that will stand up to daily use. And with our complete set of kitchen utensils and crockery, you'll have everything you need to whip up delicious meals and entertain guests. Don't settle for less - upgrade your kitchen with our student budget kitchen pack today! Read the details below.

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Budget Kitchen Pack

This pack includes a set of affordable pots and pans, durable kitchen utensils, and a stylish crockery set to make cooking and serving a breeze.

Our pots and pans are made with high-quality materials to ensure even heating and long-lasting use, while our kitchen utensils are designed to withstand daily use and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The crockery set features modern and sleek designs, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying meals solo.

Get our Student Budget Kitchen Pack and elevate your cooking experience without breaking the bank. Perfect for students, first-time homeowners, or anyone looking for an affordable and quality kitchen set.

The Budget Kitchen Pack contains the following items:

4 Pan Set

Non-stick pans for variety of hobs including induction


3x Stainless Steel Pans (16, 18, 20cm)
1x Frying pan (24cm)
Saucepans with glass lids

1 Person Dining Set

Porcelain Dinnerware ideal for students


1x Dinner Plates
1x Side Plates
1x Cereal Bowls
1x Mugs
1x Cutlery set

7 Cooking Utensils

Just the Utensil Essentials


4x Utensils (solid spoon, slotted spatula, can opener, peeler)
1x Chopping Board (30x20cm)
1x Paring Knife
1x Polycotton Tea Towel

*We are updating our Look. Some items may look slightly different than the picture but still the same quality product.

Just the essentials to get you cooking. A lightweight list of items with great quality at an affordable price.

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Bundle Contents:

3x Saucepans (16, 18, 20cm diameter) with lids
1x Frying Pans (24cm diameter)
4x Utensils (solid spoon, slotted spatula, can opener, peeler)
1x Chopping Board (30x20x1cm)
1x Paring Knife (20cm)
1x Tea Towel
1x Person Dining Set (1x Dinner Plate, 1x Side Plate, 1x Cereal Bowl, 1x Coffee Mug)
1x Person Cutlery Set (1x Table Knive, 1x Table Fork, 1x Dessert Spoon, 1x Tea spoon)



Suitable for use on all hob types, including induction Heat-resistant utensils



Designed to last for years
Fully Vitrified - Won't absorb colours or flavours
Dishwasher Safe - For hassle-free cleaning
Microwave Safe - Heat / Reheat dishes without fear of cracking

Dinner Plate Diameter: 11" (26.8cm)
Side Plate Diameter: 6" (15.4cm)
Cereal Bowl Diameter: 7" (17.8cm)
Coffee Mug Capacity: 285ml