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The founders of Frestive (FV)

Frestive (FV) powered by Student Essentials, has been created by 3 fellow students studying at King's College London. It all started by having a chat about how disapointing it will be that there is no freshers fair this year due to the pandemic. They really enjoyed going to freshers fair events in September just to get those freebies (usually pens and notepads) that they will never actually use.
It started as a joke: 'what if there was a platform that facilitated virtual freshers' and a few weeks later this platform became reality. One personality trait that connects those 3 friends is the entrepreneur mindset.

Nishaanth Elango

Nishaanth is an entrepreneur who constantly seeks to apply new methods to address conventional problems faced by businesses. He has a diverse background in public policy, education non-profits and software development. He studied engineering at University of Oxford and is currently a computer science student at King's College London. He believes that the path to success in business is focusing on actual problems faced by people and bringing together driven, like-minded individuals to solve these problems.

Kostas Baronos

Kostas is a medical student and is obsessed with customer centric service. He really enjoys serving others when in need, ensuring they are fully satisfied with the services provided.

His entrepeneurial journey started when he founded Student Essentials, a business providing Student Starter Kits, which is now the preferred supplier for King's College London.

Ayan Ahmad

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Every student at King's is automatically a member of KCLSU - a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

We are a union of students where individuals socialise and connect, have fun, build communities, make change and prepare for their future.

King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU) 

Every student at King's is automatically a member of KCLSU. Together with our members, we are a union of students where individuals connect, have fun, build communities, share experiences, and make change.

We're here to make sure every King's student has the best student experience possible.
We're run by students, for students. Our decisions, policies and what we do are decided by our 30,000 student members (that's you!). You elect the Student Officers, Union Development members and Student Reps you want representing you. As a democratic charity and membership organisation, students lead us at every level to achieve our priorities:

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