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The Towel Bundle - Student EssentialsThe Towel Pack - Student Essentials
High quality bath towel pack designed with students in mind. Soft with 100% Cotton.
Essentials Kitchen Bundle - Student EssentialsEssentials Kitchen Bundle - Student Essentials
Just the essentials to get you cooking. A lightweight list of items with great quality at an affordable price.
Mattress Topper - Student Essentials
    SingleSmall Double
      It serves as an extension to the mattress, provding it with extra cushioning and support. It improves the quality of sleep especially when the matress is worn or uncomfortable.
      Cleaning Bundle - Student Essentials
      The Ultimate Student Cleaning Bundle. Just all the essentials you need to get your new room sparkling clean and ready for the semester!
      Bed Linen Set - Student EssentialsBed Linen Set - Student Essentials
      SingleSmall Double
      A stylish duvet cover and pillowcase set with fitted sheet. This set is made from a durable and soft 50/50 polycotton or 100% Cotton blend and is machine washable.
      Student Living Pack - Student EssentialsStudent Living Pack - Student Essentials
      All the bits and bobs to make your new room look like your new home. This Pack has been put together with students in mind.
      Kettle and Toaster Set - Student EssentialsKettle and Toaster Set - Student Essentials
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