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When I went to visit my suppliers

Probably the coolest 2-day trip was when I finally got the chance to meet up with my suppliers. It was 2 things that made me really excited.

1. Being inside a warehouse (honestly it's so cool) 

I finally get the chance to be inside a massive warehouse where they keep millions worth of stock and see how your orders were prepared (I said your order because our suppliers are our fulfillment center for the most part of it). It was even more fascinating when my suppliers told me their stories of how they started from just a tiny room fulfilling a few orders and once their business started picking up, they rapidly expanded their facilities to accommodate for the increased demand.

What intrigued me is how you can go from an idea to a business turning over millions and providing convenience to so many customers. Ideas are worth nothing, you can have ideas whilst in the bathroom. It’s the execution and commitment that makes you or kills you (not literally kill you).

You also get to build a great relationship with your supplier. You get to meet the people behind the business, and they get to meet their customers. Having a good relationship between customer and supplier really helps on the communication between the parties which ultimate helps the long term growth of the business. Your supplier got your back when you need him/her.


2. Driving a sexy car 

The part that made me very exciting personally, was driving the Sporty Line edition of the Ford Focus in fire red colour. So many little buttons on the steering to control all sort of things. Don’t get too excited it was only a 1.5 liter engine with front wheel driving column. But still really cool.

A barrier every young driver has, is car insurance. Insurance companies won’t allow young drivers drive expensive cars and will only let them drive the very basic ones for a very high cost. I think the ST line was towards the premium end of the basic cars, if that makes sense. It is more sporty that the basic cars. At that time I was 22 years old and the only rental company which will allow me to rent a car at a reasonable price was Zipcar. Having a business account with Zipcar has been an incredible support to myself and the business. I can even rent a van which you can’t really get with any other rental company in the UK at that age.

My overall thoughts?

Running a business is an amazing journey. You are going to have your lows but also get some great enjoyment out of the things a “businessman” has to do whilst running the business (like visiting their suppliers). 

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