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We are very passionate about helping students move in to their accommodation and have a very smooth transition. We have gathered some of the best deals for you.


Once you arrive to the airport in the UK, you will need to get to your accommodation which won't be close by. You probably have a lot of handbags and luggage with you so getting a taxi will be ideal.

If you are not familiar with Uber or Bolt yet, then get Addisson Lee and get £8 off your first trip with the code RIDE8

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If you don't want to wait until you arrive in the UK to go to a physical bank and open your account (which can take up to a week until you create it), why not open an account with an online Bank. You can probably set it up before you even arrive to the UK.

Monzo is an online bank that many students use  


Getting a local sim card is super important. The main reason why you need it is for data. The most popular sim card plans for students are Voxi and Giffgaff.

We have got a partnership with Giffgaff where you can save £5 off your first plan. Either request a sim card or if your accommodation already provided you with one, you can activate through here to get the discount.

Request a sim card or activate it


We simply cannot live without our phones, so it may be a good idea to get an insurance cover on it.

We have teamed up with Protect Your Bubble where you can get 15% off your insurance plan.

Just remember, your accommodation or even your bank will provide you with some sort of insurance cover for your items (make sure you double check this with your contract)


Free hot drink voucher after you make your first purchase in the Caffè Nero app.
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Last but not least, if you are too tired to cook lunch/dinner, you can get tasty take away delivered to your room!

Get £10 off across your first 4 orders with Deliveroo


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