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How to Settle in to University during the pandemic

This year is going to be like no other for students heading to university. It is certainly going to be a bit different from what you might have expected, but you shouldn’t get your hopes down. There is still plenty to be excited about this year. Here’s a short...

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Student Discounts

We are very passionate about helping students move in to their accommodation and have a very smooth transition. We have gathered some of the best deals for you. AIRPORT TRANSFER Once you arrive to the airport in the UK, you will need to get to your accommodation which won't...

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How Student Essentials was founded

My name is Kostas, I am a medical student at King’s. 2018 was the year I started my own business called Student Essentials.Don’t get too excited it doesn’t involve machine learning or artificial intelligence. It is a super simple business, yet it offers great convenience to our customers. We...

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Why you must have a side hustle as a student

A side-hustle can be a part-time job (working at a pub, for the university, or being an A-level tutor), volunteering for an oganisation or even starting your own Business, alongside your studies.Watching Netflix and going out every night is for sure fun and it’s a good way of making...

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