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Choosing Bed Linen, Duvets & Pillows and Washing Guides

Choosing Bed Linen

Give your bedroom the finishing touch with bedding that suits your sleep as well as your style.
We're passionate about bringing you the finest quality bed linen, because a good night's sleep is one of life's essentials.
In this guide we'll take you through types of fabric to help you choose your perfect bedding.

Top Tip

Washing bed linen before use is a personal choice. We recommend that you do: it refreshes your linens after manufacture and enhances the feel of the cloth

Fabric Types
Thread Count
Measuring Up

Choosing Duvets & Pillows

A good night's sleep starts with the right foundations.
We have quality options for all budgets and we can help you find the combination that feels right for you.

If you suffer with allergies, we recommend getting a synthetic duvet/ pillow or get in touch with to request an anti-allergenic filling

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Tog rating

Washing & Caring for your Linen

Washing Guidance for Cotton Bedlinen
Washing Guidance for Polycotton Bedlinen
Washing Guidance for Coloured Towels
Caring for Duvets & Pillows
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