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We are here to provide convenience to students moving into university for the first time

Meet the Founder

Kostas Baronos

Kostas is currently a medical student at King's College London and has been at Uni for just a little bit over than 5 years. He completely appreciates how exciting yet stressful moving into student halls can be as he has experienced himself!

He still remembers the very first time he moved into his new student accommodation, he spent 3 days straight on an empty bed waiting for his bedding to get shipped. Not an enjoyable experience at all. ​Sleeping on a bare mattress is no way to start university and he wouldn't do it ever again! This is why he came up with the idea of providing all the essentials a student needs when moving in! Such a convenient solution!

Kostas' Team will deliver all your Essentials in your accommodation right on time. You place the online order, we do everything else. NO DELAYS!  NO  EXCUSES!

Our Brilliant Mentors

Every successful business is backed by brilliant minds and Student Essentials is no different.

Madeleine and Harry have played an incredible role in the establishment and ongoing success of Student Essentials. As they both have a number of years of experience in the hospitality sector among others, their transferable skills have been proven to be the key on the mentorship relationship with Kostas.

With Madeleine's and Harry's guidance, Student Essentials is now able to deliver an outstanding customer support as well as great product quality.

Harry Warner

Head of Sales & Marketing
at King's Venues

Madeleine Jammeh

Residence Manager
at King's College London


An award winning business plan 

Recognized by the Entrepreneurship institute at King's College London

Our mission is to provide convenience to students moving into university for the first time

Enterprise Award 2019

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