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A Student Focused Brand
providing convenience to students
moving in to their new accommodation

Where it is all going...

... and how we impact the UK Student Market.

The Student Essentials Team

Kostas, founder and CEO of Student Essentials

Kostas Baronos Director

Founder and Director of Student Essentials with passion in delivering excellent customer care.
Antoinette, Marketing SEO Specialist at Student Essentials

Antoinette Jade Marketing Specialist

Experienced in creating seo optimized, student focused content and customer oriented digital marketing
Sara Occhipinti, Digital content creator at Student Essentials

Sara Occhipinti Digital Content Creator

Food security and nutrition specialist with a focus on development of sustainable diets through digital content.
Sadiq Hassan, Amazon Specialist at Student Essentials

Sadiq Hassan Amazon Specialist

An experienced Amazon account manager focused on developing and applying strategies to best optimise customer experience
Harry Warner, Mentor at Student Essentials

Harry Warner Mentor

Experienced Head Of Sales Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry.



Award Winning Supplier acting as a Logistics Centre who pick, pack and deliver thousands of products to customers around the UK.

An award winning business plan

Recognized by the Entrepreneurship institute at King's College London
Our mission is to provide convenience to students moving into university for the first time

Enterprise Award 2019

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