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Your Ultimate University Packing List

Packing to move your entire life to a new place for an extended period of time can be daunting to say the least. In this article we are going to go through things that should definitely be in your university packing list. So what should you take to the uni accommodation?

Clothes and Laundry

Verdict: bring it

This is a no brainer. We recommend packing using vacuum packs, this will literally save you a lot of space. Make sure you only bring clothes you will actually wear. Pack 2 or 3 winter jackets, base layers and jumpers for the cold season —  do not bring your entire wardrobe. Oh! And bring a laundry net, you’ll need this if your hall has a shared laundry, plus it will protect your clothes from the rough washing machine cycle and last longer.



Bath, Beddings and Kitchenwares

Verdict: leave it

Don’t pack these big and bulky items in your suitcase, especially when you can buy and get an on-demand delivery from Student Essentials. Student Essentials provide beddings, kitchen set, bathroom towels and accessories so you don’t have to worry about fitting them in your luggage. Simply get our university starter packs and boom! You have more space for other stuff and save money from having to pay for overweight luggage at the airport.



Health and Grooming

Verdict: bring it

Health is the utmost priority during this pandemic. Make sure you pack a 1 month supply of multivitamins, masks, hand sanitizer and first aid kits. Yes, mini-accidents happen while moving places. You don’t want to run to the nearest pharmacies in the midst of unpacking and settling in. Also pack your tooth-brush, nail clippers and toothpaste. When it comes to liquids such as shampoo, body wash and hand moisturiser, these come as a standard with every Towel Bundle from Student Essentials. You have one less thing to worry about, staying clean.. Once you have settled down and get familiar with the area, you can go to the shops and get beauty and hygiene products that suit you. No rush! For the ladies, don’t forget your makeup and hair dryer!



Electrical, Gadget and Miscellaneous

Verdict: bring it

Beside your laptop, tablet, kindle and all kinds of chargers, we recommend you to bring travel adapters. You don’t want to reach your destination with a low battery phone only to find out you can’t charge it because the plug is not the same. Also bring an extension cord for your gadgets and 3M removable adhesive hooks. Most accommodations don’t allow you to drill holes or nails on the wall so this will be very useful for you to hang your décor. We recommend bringing a proper alarm clock, this will be crucial to avoid accidentally sleeping in on your first day of uni. Plus you get to turn off your phone for the night, rest and detox from the virtual world.




Verdict: leave it

Contrary to the popular opinion, we advise to leave decor as you can buy them once you have settled down and have time to think of how you want to ‘beautify’ your space. Only bring photos and posters that can be rolled or don’t take that much space, we know these items have sentimental value and remind you a bit of home.



Documents and stationaries

Verdict: bring it

This is a must have if you’re moving overseas. Make sure you bring all the documents necessary for your move, better yet, organize them in plastic folders. Also pack the necessary stationeries such as pen, pencils, erasers, highlighters, and a few notepads so you’re covered.

We hope this helps you pack for your university adventure! Don't forget to check our post on top 10 university life hack here.

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